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Terms of use

1.Copyright notice

The Public Prosecutions Office of the Macao SAR owns all materials contained on this site (including text, images, sounds, videos and programmes and so forth). Materials are protected by the law of Macao SAR and international law regarding copyright.

2.Republishing and reproduction

The contents of this website, except those which belong to the third parties, are available for reproduction and republishing for non-commercial purpose without written consent of the Office. However, users must indicate the Public Prosecutions Office as the source of information and the date when the contents are extracted, meanwhile ensuring the accuracy of the contents reproduced. The reproduced contents should neither be presented as an official edition of such information nor a certified document of the Office. Content on this site may not be reproduced in whole or in part or in any manner for commercial purpose without prior written consent of the Office. Any reproduced or republished contents for commercial or non-commercial purpose should not be altered unless such modification is approved with specific written authorisation by the Office.

3.Quotation of figures

Some of the information on this site is presented in numerical figures. Users may use the relevant figures for further computation and statistical process to derive other figures. However, to release such derived figures, users must acknowledge the source of data and clarify their methodology of computation or statistical process.


Information on this website is provided for reference only. Whilst we have endeavoured to ensure accuracy of the content, no express or implied warranty and guarantee is given as to the accuracy and absence of computer viruses of the information. All content and information are provided ‘as is’, and the users shall verify the information on their own.

The Office does not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from using, reproducing or republishing the information of this site. The Office reserves the right to delete, temporarily suspend or edit the information of this site at any time without prior notice.

5.Modifications to this Statement

In case of update on this statement, the recent version will be posted in place of the old version with the date of last update indicated in the document without further notice.