Special operation arrangements of the Public Prosecutions Office from 27 June to 1 July 2022 (2022-06-26)

Special operation arrangements of the Public Prosecutions Office from 27 June to 1 July 2022

Please be notified of the following special opening hours arrangements of the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) for 27 June to 1 July 2022 adopted in compliance with the latest anti-epidemic measures of the Macao SAR Government to maintain effective judicial operation:

1. Arrangements for MP Criminal Proceedings Office (located at Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, no. 683, Edifício do Ministério Público):

    1.1 Open for urgent cases from 9am to 1pm on 27 and 29 June, and 1 July 2022 to ensure criminal investigative procedures will be carried out according to law;

    1.2. Services will be suspended on 28 and 30 June for the whole day, where special arrangements will be made for urgent cases.

2. Arrangements for the Prosecutorial Offices at three levels of Courts:

    2.1. All offices will operate on a shift basis;

    2.2. Appointments for legal advice service provided by the Prosecutorial Office at the Primary Court (situated at Avenida da Infante D. Henrique, the Macau Square, 3rd floor) can be made by phone calls. Members of the public in need may call 28557714 from 9am to 1pm between 27 June and 1 July 2022 to schedule for appointments.

3. Regarding taking of statements and declarations, mediation, medical inspection and other measures originally scheduled for the abovementioned period at any Prosecutorial Offices will be rescheduled. MP will notify the parties concerned of the rescheduled date.

4. The Office of the Prosecutor General will serve on a shift basis to support MP’s litigation procedures.

5. For any enquiries regarding MP’s special arrangements put in place in line with epidemic prevention requirements during the abovementioned period, kindly contact us by phone at 28727272 or email at info@mp.gov.mo.

    MP will announce operation arrangements in response to epidemic prevention needs in a timely manner. Thank you for your attention.