Fire Drill conducted at the Public Prosecutions Office Building (2021-06-10)

Fire Drill conducted at the Public Prosecutions Office Building

On the morning of 9 June, with the assistance of the Public Security Police Force, the Judiciary Police, the Fire Services Bureau and the Correctional Services Bureau, the Criminal Proceedings Office of the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) and the Primary Court’s Criminal Preliminary Hearing Court conducted a second fire drill at the Public Prosecutions Office Building since its inauguration.

The Public Prosecutions Building was inaugurated in mid-December 2020, with the following departments: Criminal Proceedings Office of MP, Office of the Prosecutor General and the Primary Court’s Preliminary Hearing Court. In addition to MP and Primary Court staff, police force personnel, as well as suspects and witnesses related to criminal cases will visit the MP Building to handle affairs on a daily basis. In order to respond to unexpected events in an orderly manner, and to ensure the safety of public members, relevant personnel and staff at the MP Building, with the assistance of above-mentioned police forces, the Public Prosecutions Office and the Primary Court conducted an evacuation drill for all personnel on 23 March 2021. This drill is to mainly simulate evacuation processes for suspects, witnesses and other public members present at the MP Building in case of fire. With active involvement of relevant departments and cooperation of residents, the drill was conducted smoothly and in an orderly fashion.

In the review meeting, involved departments summed up and analyzed situations that occurred during the event, and provided opinions on how improvements can be made. The Public Prosecutions Office would like to express gratitude to police forces that have assisted immensely during the two drills. It is also hope that through such target drills, we will be able to improve personnel’s adaptability to emergency and effectively reduce any damage that may be caused to the safety of personnel or public interest if any emergencies do occur at the Public Prosecutions Office Building.