MP optimizes telephone contacts with external parties (2020-06-15)

MP optimizes telephone contacts with external parties

In its daily proceedings work, the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) will notify or contact parties involved with cases or residents through official letters, personal notification by specialized staff, telephone calls or SMS to ensure normal litigation procedures. During the process, MP staff will clearly state their identity and purpose of the call in accordance with statutory procedures, and, if applicable, leave contact information.

In addition, for easy access to addresses and telephone numbers of each Prosecutorial Office in case the public needs to directly contact a relevant Office, such information are available on the MP website, as well as on government public information portal.

Recently, it was pointed out by a member of the public that when contacted by an MP staff through telephone call, no caller number was displayed and it was not possible to call back for enquiry. Review shows that due to technical issues, previously, it was difficult for the telephone system to display a uniform number when the MP made telephone calls. In response to the public member’s opinion, MP immediately worked with its service provider and improved technical measures. Now, the caller number will be displayed and the public may call back through the caller number.

The Public Prosecutions Office attaches importance and appreciates valuable feedback from the public on the MP’s daily work. We will continuously review and optimize work procedures to provide the public with high-quality judicial services.

The Public Prosecutions Office would also like to take the opportunity to remind the public that no MP judicial staff will ask for identification card number, bank account or other personal information, nor request any monetary payments or assets transfer via telephone calls or SMS. Thank you for your attention.