Epidemic prevention measures of adopted by MP between 24 and 28 of February (2020-02-21)

In conformity with the Macao SAR Government’s current epidemic prevention measures of reducing the gathering of people to prevent the risk of virus spreading, the Public Prosecutions Office (MP) will maintain basic services during office hours between 24 and 28 February 2020. Please note the following special arrangements during the abovementioned period:

1. The Public Prosecutions Office will adopt appropriate diversion measures based on the number of persons visiting each Prosecutorial Office. In addition, legal advice service provided by the Prosecutorial Office at the Primary Court, situated at Avenida da Infante D. Henrique, The Macau Square, 3rd floor, will be arranged by telephone calls. Residents may call 28557714 during office hours to schedule for appointment.

2. If proceedings measures such as taking of statements and declarations originally arranged to take place at Prosecutorial Offices during the abovementioned period need to be rescheduled, relevant parties will be notified by the MP in advance.

3. 3. For any enquiries regarding MP’s special operational arrangements adapted for epidemic prevention measures during the abovementioned period, kindly contact us by telephone: 28727272 or e-mail: info@mp.gov.mo.

MP will maintain close contacts with other public entities and timely announce relevant operational information in response to epidemic prevention and actual operational needs.