Indonesian Prosecutor Exchange Group visits MP (2023-11-08)

Indonesian Prosecutor Exchange Group visits MP

Accompanied by staff members of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong, participants of the Prosecutor Internship Programme of the Republic of Indonesia visited the Public Prosecutions Office of the Macao SAR (MP) for exchanges recently. Ms. Kok Sio Peng, Assistant Prosecutor General, cordially received the guests.

The two parties introduced legal status, functions, competencies and operation of their respective prosecutorial services. They also conducted in-depth exchanges on indictment practices in criminal proceedings carried out by the two prosecutorial services, with case studies illustrated, as well as prosecutorial agencies’ duties in safeguarding public interests. Both parties agreed that such meeting and exchanges are conducive to facilitating understanding on judiciary system and prosecutorial practices of their counterparts for members of the two prosecutorial services, and may assist in fostering future cooperation.

Members of the Indonesian Prosecutor Exchange Group are Prosecutor Yuris Rawando, Head of Section of Monitoring and Evaluation of Legal Regulation at Bureau of Legal and International Affairs; Prosecutor Setyo Adhi Wicaksono, Head of Section of Crimes Involving Narcotics and Other Addictive Substance at High Prosecution Office of Special Capital Region of Jakarta; Deputy Attorney General Nindya Asih Martha Utami cum Head of Section of Evaluation and Reporting at Directorate on Civil Affairs; Prosecutor Agnes Renitha Butar, Head of Section of General Crimes, District Prosecution Office in Cimahi, West Java; Mr. Raymond Ali, Legal Consul of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong, amongst others.

MP Participants included Prosecutors Pak Wa Ngai and Cheng Hoi Fung; Mr. Ng Meng Tai, Advisor of the Office of the Prosecutor General; and Mr. Chiang Ting Kei, Senior Technician, etc.

Indonesian Prosecutor Exchange Group visits the Macao SAR Public Prosecutions Office