Macao Lawyers Association visits MP (2023-06-16)

Macao Lawyers Association visits MP

On 13 June 2023, a delegation of eight members from Macao Lawyers Association, led by Mr. Vong Hin Fai, President of the Board of Directors, visited the Public Prosecutions Office. They were cordially received by the Prosecutor General, Mr. Ip Son Sang, The two parties exchanged views during the meeting.

Mr. Paulino Comandante, President of the Superior Council of Advocacy, Mr. Lei Wun Kong, President of the Audit Committee, and Ms. Oriana Inácio Pun, Secretary-General of the Association also participated in the meeting with MP representatives, including: Assistant Prosecutors General, Mr. Vong Vai Va and Ms. Kok Sio Peng; Chief of Office of the Prosecutor General, Mr. Tam Peng Tong; Prosecutor Coordinator, Ms. Ho Man, and Prosecutor, Mr. Pak Wa Ngai, as well as Division Head, Ms. Chao Kam Fun.