The “Seventh Course on National Affairs for Macao Prosecutors 2018” held successfully (2018-09-14)

The "Seventh Course on National Affairs for Macao Prosecutors 2018"  held successfully

Prosecutor General, Ip Son Sang, along with other participants, first attended three seminars at the National Prosecutors College, Henan Branch. Topics of the theoretical sessions were "Interpretation of the Report to the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (on comprehensive law-based governance)", "Constitution and Basic Law" and "Status quo of Henan Province and its role in modern and contemporary China". Presentations and discussions allowed prosecutors to learn extensively and intensively about political, economic and legal systems of the Mainland, as well as the Basic Law, which bears close relations with the Macao SAR.

Participants also called on the People's Procuratorates of Henan Province, Kaifeng City and Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone. Thorough discussions were conducted with the Provincial Chief Prosecutor, Gu Xuefei and officials representing various levels of procuratorates over diverse topics. They exchanged views on the operation of prosecutorial agencies, judicial reform, prosecutorial informatization, prosecutorial participation in civil and administrative proceedings, public interest litigation and prosecutorial assistance to minors, amongst others. Prosecutors also visited case management centres subordinated to the local procuratorates to learn more about case management procedures and file management practices, where staff introduced and demonstrated e-case management. They shared, in particular, how local procuratorates expedited informatization, enhanced case handling quality and efficiency through e-case management, and successfully launched and promoted user-friendly initiatives.

The training scheme helped prosecutors to keep abreast of latest social and economic development of this very central region of our nation in recent years. It also facilitated experience sharing and exploration on work-related issues between MP and Mainland counterparts, especially concerning judicial reform in Mainland and achievements in prosecutorial informatization. The course served as a valuable reference for us in further boosting service quality and efficiency, as well as strengthening internal governance.

Opening ceremony of the "Seventh Course on National Affairs for Macao Prosecutors 2018", held at the National Prosecutors College, Henan Branch

Group photo of the MP delegation led by Prosecutor General Ip Son Sang, with officials of the Henan Provincial People's Procuratorate