The Criminal Proceedings Office

The Criminal Proceedings Office

  • opens and closes criminal investigation cases;
  • receives investigation files and confiscated items from the criminal police;
  • carries out investigation procedures on detained suspects, directly takes or recommends statutorily coercive measures on suspects where applicable;
  • scrutinises the police’s application for special investigation acts and performs supplementary investigation; and
  • determines whether to initiate proceedings or archive cases directly when investigation is completed.

Address: Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, no. 683, Edifício do Ministério Público, Macau Tel: 2872 8268
Fax: 2872 8272
Assistant Prosecutors General and Prosecutors at the Criminal Proceedings Office
Assistant Prosecutors General: Vong Vai Va, Kok Sio Peng
Prosecutors Coordinators: Lai U Hou, Ho Man
Prosecutors: Lao Ian Chi, Wu Hio, Lei Sut Man, Pak Wa Ngai, Chao Chi Peng, Mui Cheng Fei, Pao In Hang, Lei Un San

The Central Section
Under the Criminal Proceedings Office, there is a Central Section led by the Chief Registrar. This Section
  • receives reports;
  • accepts letters and seized items;
  • receives and distributes cases and documents;
  • issues certificates for archived cases;
  • verifies the identity of the arrested; and
  • exercises statutory powers and functions or other competencies that falls outside the powers of the Procedural Sections.

Procedural Sections
In addition, the Criminal Proceedings Office has a total of eight Procedural Sections, each headed by a Chief Clerk. The Procedural Sections

  • record received cases accordingly; and
  • push forward procedural matters.