Prosecutors’ Committee

The Prosecutors Committee is an independent ruling body responsible for the appraisal and disciplinary management of magistrates and judicial officers of the Public Prosecutions Office. The biennial appraisal aims at assessing comprehensively professional abilities and ethics of the aforementioned staff. It is stipulated that assessors and disciplinary investigators shall be appointed by the Committee, and results of the appraisal and disciplinary investigations shall also be deliberated and approved by the Committee.


  • The Prosecutor General as the ex-officio President;
  • One assistant prosecutor general and one prosecutor elected amongst MP magistrates;
  • Two community members appointed by the Chief Executive.

President: Ip Son Sang, the Prosecutor General
Members: Vong Vai Va, Assistant Prosecutor General
                 Lai U Hou, Prosecutor Coordinator
                 Eddie, Yue Kai Wong
                 Chui Sai Cheong
Secretary: Wong Kuan Hou