Prosecutor General: Ip Son Sang
Assistant Prosecutors General: Ma Iek
Vong Vai Va
Kuok Un Man
Mai Man Ieng
Kok Sio Peng
Choi Keng Fai
Cheng Lap Fok
Prosecutors: Lai U Hou (Prosecutor Coordinator)
Kuok Kin Hong (Prosecutor Coordinator)
Tam I Kuan (Prosecutor Coordinator)
Àlvaro António Mangas Abreu Dantas (Prosecutor Coordinator)
Chong Lao Sin (Prosecutor Coordinator)
Ho Man (Prosecutor Coordinator)
Leong Weng Si (Prosecutor Coordinator)
Cheong Kuok Chi (Prosecutor Coordinator)
Sio In Ha (Prosecutor Coordinator)
Leong Man Ieng
Chan Seak Hou
Lao Ian Chi
Wu Hio
Leong Vai Cheng
Cheang Weng In
Sam Kim Kuong
Lei Sut Man
Lao Oi Si
Pak Wa Ngai
Chao Chi Peng
Cheng Hoi Fung
Ho I Sut
Mui Cheng Fei
Chong Sio U
Pao In Hang
Lei Un San
1) Assistant Prosecutor General Wong Sio Chak was appointed as Secretary for Security on 20th December 2014.
2) Assistant Prosecutor General Chan Tsz King was appointed as the Commissioner Against Corruption on 20th December 2019.
3) Assistant Prosecutor General Kong Chi is on long term unpaid leave as of 7th February 2022.
4) Prosecutor Ao Ieong Seong was appointed as the Assistant Commissioner Against Corruption on 20th December 2019.