There are three types of personnel at the Public Prosecutions Office - magistrates, judicial officers, professional and administrative staffs.

Composição do Pessoal

Magistrates of the Public Prosecutions Office

The Basic Law stipulates that “the Prosecutor General shall be a Chinese citizen who is a permanent resident of the Macao Special Administrative Region, shall be nominated by the Chief Executive and appointed by the Central People’s Government. Prosecutors shall be nominated by the Prosecutor General and appointed by the Chief Executive.

Under the nomination of the Chief Executive Fernando Chui Sai On, Ip Son Sang was appointed by the Central People’s Government as the Prosecutor General of the MSAR on December 20, 2014.

Currently, there are 34 magistrates in office at the MP, including 1 prosecutor general, 7 assistant prosecutors general and 26 prosecutors (nine of which are prosecutors coordinators). They are mainly responsible for investigating and prosecuting criminal cases, as well as representing MP at various levels of courts in criminal, civil and administrative litigations.

Judicial officers mainly render assistance to magistrates in dealing with cases. They are classified into chief officers and judicial clerks. The former includes chief registrar, assistant chief registrar and chief clerks, whereas the latter includes various levels of judicial clerks, namely specialist, principal, assistant and junior judicial clerks.

Professional and administrative staffs refer to department heads, professionals and assistants. They assist the Prosecutor General, provide professional advice and help manage personnel and financial matters.