The Office of the Prosecutor General

As the administrative body of the Public Prosecutions Office, the Office of the Prosecutor General renders assistance to the Prosecutor General in his leadership and management of MP. It performs independent functions, and enjoys administrative and financial autonomy pursuant to law. The Office operates through the Judiciary Assistance Department, the Judicial Affairs Department, the Judiciary Cooperation Department, the Personnel and Finance Department and the Support Department.

Chief of Office: Tam Peng Tong
Deputy Chief of Office: Wu Kit I
Address: Avenida do Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues, no. 683, Edifício do Ministério Público, Macao
Tel: 2878 6666
Fax: 2875 3231


Judiciary Assistance Department

The Judiciary Assistance Department provides legal and technical support to magistrates in performing their duties according to proceedings laws. The Department analyses and examines information and intelligence for crime prevention and detection, as well as provides legal advice and legal aids available to the public. The Judiciary Assistance Department is composed of the Judiciary Affairs Division and the Technical Division.


Judicial Affairs Department

The Judicial Affairs Department offers legal, professional and technical assistance to legal research and consultation, promotion and exchanges, as well as translation and interpretation. In addition, it coordinates the publication of MP books, periodicals and promotional materials. It also manages the MP website and library. The Judicial Affairs Department heads the Legal Affairs Division and the Promotion and Exchange Division.


Judiciary Cooperation Department

The Judiciary Cooperation Department provides legal, professional and technical aids to mutual legal assistance and exchanges through its subordinating Legal Assistance Division.

The Legal Assistance Division examines and coordinates Macao SAR’s external legal assistance matters handled by MP, in particular, those related to criminal proceedings. The Division remits, deliberates, notifies and implements judicial assistance cases. It also takes part in exchanges and cooperation related to judicial assistance.


Personnel and Finance Department

The Personnel and Finance Department provides assistance in the finance, asset and personnel management of the Office of the Prosecutor General. It issues and receives documents, as well as organizes training courses. The Department is consisted of the Finance Division and the Personnel Division.


Support Department

The Support Department optimizes daily operation through utilizing and managing all devices and equipment. It supports legal proceedings, administrative and finance management, and legal research with up-to-date information technology. The Support Department is composed of the Assets and Equipment Division and the Information Division.